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May 22, 2019

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An enormous volcanic eruption on Iceland in 1783-84 did not cause an extreme summer heat wave in Europe. But, as Benjamin Franklin speculated, the eruption triggered an ... read more
Primitive ponds may have provided a suitable environment for brewing up Earth's first life forms, more so than oceans, a new study finds. Researchers report that shallow ... read more

Sunscreen and Cosmetics Compound May Harm Coral by Altering Fatty Acids

Although sunscreen is critical for preventing sunburns and skin cancer, some of its ingredients are not so beneficial to ocean-dwelling creatures. In particular, sunscreen chemicals shed by swimmers ... read more

New, Highly Stable Catalyst May Help Turn Water Into Fuel

Breaking the bonds between oxygen and hydrogen in water could be a key to the creation of hydrogen in a sustainable manner, but finding an economically viable technique for this has proved difficult. ... read more
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Planting and growing a strategic mix of cover crops not only reduces the loss of nitrogen from farm fields, protecting water quality in the Chesapeake Bay, but the practice also contributes nitrogen ... read more

Early Spring Rain Boosts Methane from Thawing Permafrost by 30 Percent

A team has found that early spring rainfall warms up a thawing permafrost bog in Alaska and promotes the growth of plants and methane-producing ... read more

Air Pollutants from US Forest Soils Will Increase With Climate Change

Scientists predict that certain regions of the United States will experience higher levels of pollutants that cause smog, acid rain and respiratory problems due changes in forest soils from climate ... read more

Droughts Boost Emissions as Hydropower Dries Up

Recent droughts caused increases in emissions of carbon dioxide and harmful air pollutants from power generation in several western states as fossil fuels came online to replace hampered ... read more

First Detection of Rain Over the Ocean by Navigation Satellites

In order to analyse climate change or provide information about natural hazards, it is important to gather knowledge about the rain. Better knowledge of precipitation and its distribution could, for ... read more

Forests, Like Humans, Require a Balanced Diet

The world's forests are on a fast food diet of carbon dioxide, which is currently causing them to grow faster. But a researcher finds evidence suggesting that forest growth may soon peak as the ... read more

The Gene Helping Submerged Plants

Climate change threatens plants as the risks of flooding increase. A new study shows that special genes are key to keeping plants from withering, remaining healthy and resistant to a lack of oxygen ... read more

Atmospheric Aerosol Formation from Biogenic Vapors Is Strongly Affected by Air Pollutants

According to a recent study, air pollution not only affects air quality, but it also changes the pathways along which new particles are formed in the ... read more

News About a Plant Hormone

The plant hormone jasmonic acid also performs a function that was previously unknown. It ensures that the leaf pores close when leaves are injured. For the plant, this could be an emergency ... read more

Snowpack Declines May Stunt Tree Growth and Forests' Ability to Store Carbon Emissions

Researchers conducting a 5-year-long study examining snow cover in a northern hardwood forest region found that projected changes in climate could lead to a 95 percent reduction of deep-insulating ... read more

Historical Climate Important for Soil Responses to Future Climate Change

Researchers examined how 18 years of drought affect the billions of vital bacteria that are hidden in the soil beneath our feet. The results show that this type of extreme weather determines how ... read more

For Arid, Mars-Like Peruvian Desert, Rain Brings Death

When rains fell on the arid Atacama Desert, it was reasonable to expect floral blooms to follow. Instead, the water brought death. Planetary astrobiologists has found that after encountering ... read more

Fertilizers' Impact on Soil Health Compared

Researchers dug into how fertilizing with manure affects soil quality, compared with inorganic ... read more

Meteorologist Expects Severe Drought and Heavy Rain Events to Worsen Globally

Meteorologists expect severe drought and long-lasting rainfall events to worsen in the future. Researchers have determined how frequent, intense and long lasting these types of events will be in the ... read more

Availability of Nitrogen to Plants Is Declining as Climate Warms

Researchers have found that global changes, including warming temperatures and increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, are causing a decrease in the availability of a key nutrient for ... read more

Genetic Basis for How Harmful Algae Blooms Become Toxic

Scientists have uncovered the genetic basis for the production of domoic acid, a potent neurotoxin produced by certain harmful algae ... read more

Weathering Rates for Mined Lands Exponentially Higher Than Unmined Sites

A new study found a dramatic increase in the chemical weathering rates of mined landscapes, which are melting away bedrock up to 45 times faster than unmined areas. The weathering has global ... read more

Mineral Weathering from Thawing Permafrost Can Release Substantial CO2

The amount of carbon dioxide released from thawing permafrost might be greater than previously thought, according to a new study by ecologists. The research is the first to document the potential for ... read more

New Source of Formic Acid Discovered Over Pacific, Indian Oceans

Insights from experiments designed to push chemical systems far from equilibrium allowed an international group of researchers to discover a new major source of formic acid over the Pacific and ... read more

California: Global Warming, El Niño Could Cause Wetter Winters, Drier Conditions in Other Months

New research indicates that what future precipitation California gets will be pretty much limited to the winter months -- think deluge-type rainfall rather than snow -- and non-winter months will be ... read more

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