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May 20, 2019

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Train Your Brain With Computer Game to Eat Less Sugar

A recent study shows that a computer game can be used to train its players to eat less sugar, as way of reducing their weight and improving their ... read more

Playing Video Games Generally Not Harmful to Boys' Social Development

A new longitudinal study conducted in Norway looked at how playing video games affects the social skills of 6- to 12-year-olds. It found that playing the games affected youth differently by age and ... read more

Walking Simulation Games Signal a New Literary Genre

Walking simulation games signal a new literary genre Research has revealed that walking simulations are blurring the boundaries of different art forms to create a new literary genre. Walking ... read more

Robot Combines Vision and Touch to Learn the Game of Jenga

Machine-learning approach could help robots assemble cellphones and other small parts in a manufacturing ... read more
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New Unsustainable Viewing Habits

A team of computing researchers has taken the closest look yet at the nature and extent of how household viewing habits have changed -- providing valuable new evidence for the researchers, who are ... read more

Could Computer Games Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change?

Researchers have developed the interactive web-based Maladaptation Game, which can be used to better understand how Nordic farmers make decisions regarding environmental changes and how they ... read more

Equilibrium: When Does One of the Central Ideas in Economics Work?

Many situations in economics are complicated and competitive. New research raises the question of whether many theories in economics may suffer from the very fundamental problem that the key ... read more

Walking With Pokémon

In a recent study, researchers reveal how the Pokémon GO augmented reality game positively impact the physical activity in players over 40. The authors hope the findings will inform urban planners ... read more

Collaborative Video Games Could Increase Office Productivity

Move over trust falls and ropes courses, turns out playing video games with coworkers is the real path to better performance at the office. A new study by information systems professors found ... read more

Using Skype to Beat the Blues

Researchers compared four different types of online communication technologies -- video chat, email, social networks and instant messaging -- used by people 60 and older and then gauged their ... read more

Virtual Reality Simulation of a Supermassive Black Hole

The black hole at the center of our galaxy, Sagittarius A*, has been visualized in virtual reality for the first ... read more

There's Real Skill in Fantasy Sports

If you've ever taken part in the armchair sport of fantasy football and found yourself at the top of your league's standings at the end of the season, a new study suggests your performance ... read more

Artificial Intelligence Controls Quantum Computers

Researchers present a quantum error correction system that is capable of learning thanks to artificial ... read more

New Technology Encodes and Processes Video Orders of Magnitude Faster Than Current Methods

Computer scientists have developed a new technology that can encode, transform and edit video faster -- several orders of magnitude faster -- than the current state of the ... read more

Children's Violent Video Game Play Associated With Increased Physical Aggressive Behavior

Violent video game play by adolescents is associated with increases in physical aggression over time, according to a new ... read more

Virtual Reality Motion Sickness May Be Predicted and Counteracted

Researchers have made progress towards predicting who is likely to feel sick from virtual reality ... read more

Bridging the Gap Between Psychology and Gamification

A multi-disciplinary research team is bridging the gap between psychology and gamification that could significantly impact learning efforts in user experience design, healthcare, and ... read more

Can Video Game Exercises Help Chronic Low Back Pain?

Home-based video-game exercises can reduce chronic low back pain in older people by 27 percent, which is comparable to benefits gained under programs supervised by a physiotherapist, new research has ... read more

Beyond Deep Fakes: Transforming Video Content Into Another Video's Style, Automatically

Researchers have devised a way to automatically transform the content of one video into the style of another, making it possible to transfer the facial expressions of comedian John Oliver to those of ... read more

A Video Game Can Change the Brain, May Improve Empathy in Middle Schoolers

A fantastical scenario involving a space-exploring robot crashing on a distant planet is the premise of a video game developed for middle schoolers by researchers to study whether video games can ... read more

How a Computer Learns to Dribble: Practice, Practice, Practice

Basketball players need lots of practice before they master the dribble, and it turns out that's true for computer-animated players as well. By using deep reinforcement learning, players in ... read more

New Virtual Reality Experience Delivers Extremely High Quality Imagery

Scientists have unveiled a new virtual reality (VR) immersive experience based on a novel system that captures and renders high-quality, realistic images from the real world using light ... read more

Are Star Players Over-Rated in MLB? A Key Statistic Doesn't Stand Up to Scrutiny

Assessing play quality In baseball is complicated. ''Wins above replacement player'' (WARP) aggregate a player's total contribution to their team -- offense and defense and ... read more

New Study Shows Certain Video Games Can Improve Health in Children With Obesity

A new study showed for the first time that video games, in combination with fitness coaching and a step tracker, helped overweight children lose weight, lower their blood pressure and cholesterol and ... read more

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