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June 24, 2019

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What makes Beethoven sound like Beethoven? Researchers have completed a first analysis of Beethoven's writing style, applying statistical techniques to unlock ... read more
Physics Professor Jesse Berezovsky contends that until now, much of the thinking about math and music has been a top-down approach, applying mathematical ideas to existing ... read more

Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Premature Death, Study Finds

Computers which are capable of teaching themselves to predict premature death could greatly improve preventative healthcare in the future, a new study ... read more

New Tool Helps Scientists Better Target the Search for Alien Life

Scientists have developed a novel approach that boosts the chances of finding extraterrestrial intelligence in our galaxy. The method uses probability theory to calculate the possibility of detecting ... read more
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The Cost of Computation

There's been a rapid resurgence of interest in understanding the energy cost of computing. Recent advances in this 'thermodynamics of computation' are now ... read more

How Measurable Is Online Advertising?

New research sheds light on whether common approaches for online advertising measurement are as reliable and accurate as the 'gold standard' of large-scale, randomized ... read more

Big Stats, Human Stories Change Attitudes About Global Issues

New research sheds light on the types of statistical and narrative evidence that are most effective at persuading people to pay attention to global ... read more

New Gene Hunt Reveals Potential Breast Cancer Treatment Target

Researchers have developed a way to discover elusive cancer-promoting genes, already identifying one that appears to promote aggressive breast cancers. The team developed a statistical approach to ... read more

Stopwatch Set for Milestone Marathon in 2032

The elusive sub-two hour marathon running mark will likely be first shattered by a male athlete in May 2032, according to a ground-breaking statistical ... read more

Altered Data Sets Can Still Provide Statistical Integrity and Preserve Privacy

Synthetic networks may increase the availability of some data while still protecting individual or institutional privacy, according to a ... read more

Sexing Ancient Cremated Human Remains Is Possible Through Skeletal Measurements

Ancient cremated human remains, despite being deformed, still retain sexually diagnostic physical features, according to a new study. The authors provide a statistical approach for identifying traits ... read more

Machine Learning Could Reduce Testing, Improve Treatment for Intensive Care Patients

Doctors in intensive care units face a continual dilemma: Every blood test they order could yield critical information, but also adds costs and risks for patients. To address this challenge, ... read more

'Statistics Anxiety' Is Real, and New Research Suggests Targeted Ways to Handle It

A new study uses an analytical technique called 'network science' to determine factors contributing to statistics anxiety among psychology ... read more

Tool for Nonstatisticians Automatically Generates Models That Glean Insights from Complex Datasets

Researchers are hoping to advance the democratization of data science with a new tool for nonstatisticians that automatically generates models for analyzing raw ... read more

New Mathematical Model Can Help Save Endangered Species

One of the greatest challenges in saving endangered species is to predict if an animal population will die out. Accurate and reliable models are crucial for ... read more

Our Social Judgments Reveal a Tension Between Morals and Statistics

People make statistically-informed judgments about who is more likely to hold particular professions even though they criticize others for the same ... read more

New Global Migration Estimates Show Rates Steady Since 1990, High Return Migration

Scientists have unveiled a new statistical method for estimating migration flows between countries. Using the so-called pseudo-Bayes approach, they show that rates of migration are higher than ... read more

The Privacy Risks of Compiling Mobility Data

A new study finds that the growing practice of compiling massive, anonymized datasets about people's movement patterns is a double-edged sword: While it can provide deep insights into human ... read more

New Building Block in Quantum Computing Demonstrated

Researchers have demonstrated a new level of control over photons encoded with quantum information. The team's experimental system allows them to manipulate the frequency of photons to bring ... read more

Artificial Intelligence for Studying the Ancient Human Populations of Patagonia

Researchers have used statistical techniques of automatic learning to analyze mobility patterns and technology of the hunter-gatherer groups that inhabited the Southern Cone of America, from the time ... read more

The Wizard of Oz Most 'Influential' Film of All Time According to Network Science

The Wizard of Oz, followed by Star Wars and Psycho, is identified as the most influential film of all time in a new ... read more

Machine Learning Can Help Healthcare Workers Predict Whether Patients May Require Emergency Hospital Admission, New Study Finds

Machine learning can be used to analyze electronic health records and predict the risk of emergency hospital admissions, a new study has ... read more

New Ranking Method Could Help Hotels to Maximize Their Revenue

Researchers have devised a new method to rank hotels more ... read more

Fire Ant Colonies Could Inspire Molecular Machines, Swarming Robots

Researchers have uncovered the statistical rules that govern how gigantic colonies of fire ants form bridges, ladders and floating ... read more

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