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May 19, 2019

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New Technique Uses Power Anomalies to ID Malware in Embedded Systems

Researchers have developed a technique for detecting types of malware that use a system's architecture to thwart traditional security measures. The new detection approach works by tracking power ... read more
Researchers demonstrate a way to improve quantum key distribution over ... read more

Safeguarding Hardware from Cyberattack

Researchers have developed an algorithm that safeguards hardware from attacks designed to steal data. In the attacks, hackers detect variations of power and electromagnetic radiation in an electronic ... read more

Machines Whisper Our Secrets

Scientists showed they could reconstruct what a researcher was doing by recording the sounds of the lab instrument used. The method accurately detects what type of DNA a DNA synthesizer is making. ... read more
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Earlier Headlines

Design Flaws Create Security Vulnerabilities for 'Smart Home' Internet-of-Things Devices

Researchers find countermeasures for designers of security systems and other smart home ... read more

Most Laptops Vulnerable to Attack Via Peripheral Devices

Many modern laptops and an increasing number of desktop computers are much more vulnerable to hacking through common plug-in devices than previously thought, according to new ... read more

Entangling Photons of Different Colors

Researchers have developed a novel way to entangle two photons -- one with a wavelength suitable for quantum-computing devices and the other for fiber-optics ... read more

Faster Method to Read Quantum Memory

Scientists have developed a faster way to read information out of qubits, the basic building blocks of a quantum ... read more

Putting Data Privacy in the Hands of Users

Researchers have developed Riverbed, a platform that ensures web and mobile apps using distributed computing in data centers adhere to users' preferences on how their data are shared and stored ... read more

Researchers Unveil Internet of Things Security Feature

Integrated circuit designers have developed a new approach for creating secure keys and IDs on Internet of Things ... read more

Altered Data Sets Can Still Provide Statistical Integrity and Preserve Privacy

Synthetic networks may increase the availability of some data while still protecting individual or institutional privacy, according to a ... read more

Self-Driving Cars and Geospatial Data: Who Holds the Keys?

As self-driving cars continue to develop, there will be plenty of data amassed through cars' navigational technologies. Questions regarding privacy, ownership, cybersecurity and public safety ... read more

Quantifying How Much Quantum Information Can Be Eavesdropped

The most basic type of quantum information processing is quantum entanglement. Researchers have now provided a much finer characterization of the distributions of entanglement in multi-qubit systems ... read more

Better Safeguards for Sensitive Information

Despite being the most advanced quantum technology, secure encryption of information units based on a method called quantum key distribution (QKD) is currently limited by the channel's capacity ... read more

Speed of Light: Toward a Future Quantum Internet

Researchers have demonstrated proof-of-principle for a device that could serve as the backbone of a future quantum Internet. Researchers have developed a prototype for a key element for all-photonic ... read more

Satellite Study Proves Global Quantum Communication Will Be Possible

Researchers in Italy have demonstrated the feasibility of quantum communications between high-orbiting global navigation satellites and a ground station, with an exchange at the single photon level ... read more

Better Security Achieved With Randomly Generating Biological Encryption Keys

Data breaches, hacked systems and hostage malware are frequently topics of evening news casts -- including stories of department store, hospital, government and bank data leaking into unsavory hands ... read more

Computer Chip Vulnerabilities Discovered

A research team has uncovered significant and previously unknown vulnerabilities in high-performance computer chips that could lead to failures in modern ... read more

New Attack Could Make Website Security Captchas Obsolete

Researchers have created new artificial intelligence that could spell the end for one of the most widely used website security systems. The new algorithm, based on deep learning methods, is the most ... read more

Computer Hackers Could Be Thwarted by New 'Deception Consistency' Method

Can you deceive a deceiver? That's the question that computer scientists have recently been exploring. The researchers are looking at how to make cyber deception a more effective tool against ... read more

Healthcare Providers -- Not Hackers -- Leak More of Your Data

New research found that more than half of the recent personal health information, or PHI, data breaches were because of internal issues with medical providers -- not because of hackers or external ... read more

Batteryless Smart Devices Closer to Reality

Researchers have taken a huge step towards making smart devices that do not use batteries or require ... read more

New Attacks on Graphics Processors Endanger User Privacy

Web browsers use GPUs to render graphics on desktops, laptops, and smart phones. GPUs are also used to accelerate applications on the cloud and data centers. GPUs are usually programmed using ... read more

One Step Closer to Complex Quantum Teleportation

For future technologies such as quantum computers and quantum encryption, the experimental mastery of complex quantum systems is inevitable. Scientists have now succeeded in making another leap. ... read more

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