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May 19, 2019

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For Teens, Online Bullying Worsens Sleep and Depression

Teens who experience cyberbullying are more likely to suffer from poor sleep, which in turn raises levels of depression, found a new ... read more
Imagine that you live in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, you're a pint-sized primate with enormous eyes and you look a ... read more

Brain-Computer Interface Enables People With Paralysis to Control Tablet Devices

Three clinical trial participants with paralysis chatted with family and friends, shopped online and used other tablet computer applications, all by ... read more

A Video Game Can Change the Brain, May Improve Empathy in Middle Schoolers

A fantastical scenario involving a space-exploring robot crashing on a distant planet is the premise of a video game developed for middle schoolers by researchers to study whether video games can ... read more
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Low-Cost Intervention Boosts Undergraduate Interest in Computer Science

A recent study finds that an online intervention taking less than 30 minutes significantly increased interest in computer science for both male and female undergraduate students. However, when it ... read more

Finnish School Students Outperform US Students on 'Fake News' Digital Literacy Tasks

A recent study revealed students at an international school in Finland significantly outperformed US students on tasks which measure digital literacy in social media and online news. The researchers ... read more

Smartphone App Detects Diet Cheat

According to a recent study, a first-of-its-kind smartphone app called OnTrack can predict ahead of time when users are likely to lapse in their weight loss plan and help them stay on ... read more

Collaborative Video Games Could Increase Office Productivity

Move over trust falls and ropes courses, turns out playing video games with coworkers is the real path to better performance at the office. A new study by information systems professors found ... read more

Immigrant Kids in U.S. Deliberately Build STEM Skills

US immigrant children study more math and science in high school and college, which leads to their greater presence in STEM careers, according to new ... read more

Automated Technique for Anime Colorization Using Deep Learning

Researchers report the world's first technique for automatic colorization focused on Japanese anime production. The new technique is expected to promote efficiency and automation in anime ... read more

Advertising in Kids' Apps More Prevalent Than Parents May Realize

Ninety-five percent of reviewed apps for children ages 5 and under include at least one form of advertising, a new study finds. Researchers found play was frequently interrupted by pop-up video ads, ... read more

Artificial Intelligence Controls Quantum Computers

Researchers present a quantum error correction system that is capable of learning thanks to artificial ... read more

Digital Device Overload Linked to How First Impressions Are Formed

Beware, media multitaskers: New research has found a link between spending too much time on digital devices and how first impression are ... read more

AI Tool Automatically Reveals How to Write Apps That Drain Less Battery

Researchers have created a new tool, called 'DiffProf,' that uses artificial intelligence to automatically decide for the developer if a feature should be improved to drain less battery and ... read more

Educating the Next Generation of Medical Professionals With Machine Learning Is Essential

Artificial intelligence (AI) driven by machine learning (ML) algorithms is a branch in the field of computer science that is rapidly gaining popularity within the healthcare sector. However, graduate ... read more

College Students Have Unequal Access to Reliable Technology, Study Finds

Smartphones and laptops seem ubiquitous at US universities, but there is still a 'digital divide,' with some students less likely than others to have consistent access to reliable ... read more

Kids Connect With Robot Reading Partners

Researchers have built a robot, named Minnie, to serve as a reading buddy to middle school kids, and Minnie's new friends grew more excited about books and more attached to the robot over two ... read more

Internet of Things Technology Can Boost Classroom Learning and Bridge Gender Divide

The use of Internet of Things devices in the classroom can have major educational benefits and appeal to both genders if designed and used in the right way, according to new ... read more

Robots Will Never Replace Teachers but Can Boost Children's Education

Robots can play an important role in the education of young people but will never fully replace teachers, a new study ... read more

Math With Good Posture Can Mean Better Scores, Study Suggests

A new study finding that students perform better at math while sitting with good posture could have implications for other kinds of performance under ... read more

Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Calculus

Contrary to widely-held opinion, taking high school calculus isn't necessary for success later in college calculus -- what's more important is mastering the prerequisites, algebra, ... read more

Longer Hours on Social Media May Increase Teens' Risk of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying may be linked to higher use of social network sites by school children aged 14-17 years, rather than to simply having a social network profile, according to a new study that examined ... read more

Study Reveals Privacy Issues in Smartphone Headache Apps

Many commercial smartphone apps have been developed to help people track their headache pain. New research finds that such apps often share information with third parties, posing privacy ... read more

Approach Can Help English Learners Improve at Math Word Problems

Education professors have shown that a comprehension-based strategy can help English learners improve their math word-problem solving abilities. The approach boosts reading comprehension and problem ... read more

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