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May 21, 2019

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Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Genome Identifies an Unknown Human Ancestor

By combining deep learning algorithms and statistical methods, investigators have identified, in the genome of Asian individuals, the footprint of a ... read more

Computational Model Links Family Members Using Genealogical and Law-Enforcement Databases

Researchers are reporting ways in which using genetic ancestry databases to solve crimes could potentially be ... read more

Video of Moving Discs Reconstructed from Rat Retinal Neuron Signals

Using machine-learning techniques, a research team has reconstructed a short movie of small, randomly moving discs from signals produced by rat retinal ... read more

How to Color a Lizard: From Biology to Mathematics

Skin color patterns in animals arise from microscopic interactions among colored cells that obey equations, say investigators. Researchers report that a lizard acquires its adult skin color by ... read more
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Big Data Helps Identify Better Way to Research Breast Cancer's Spread

Researchers are analyzing large volumes of data, often referred to as big data, to determine better research models to fight the spread of breast cancer and test potential drugs. Current models used ... read more

New Computational Tool Harnesses Big Data, Deep Learning to Reveal Dark Matter of the Transcriptome

A research team has developed an innovative computational tool offering researchers an efficient method for detecting the different ways RNA is pieced together (spliced) when copied from DNA. Because ... read more

A sophisticated new analysis too incorporating advanced mathematical strategies could help revolutionize the way researchers investigate the spread and distribution of dangerous, fast-evolving ... read more

First Reputation-Based Blockchain Guarantees Security Against 51 Percent Attacks

Researchers have proposed the first blockchain system to guarantee proper performance even when more than 51 percent of the system's computing power is controlled by an ... read more

On-the-Spot Genome Analysis

By fine-tuning how algorithms carve up DNA data, researchers have made it possible to do genomic analysis on a ... read more

Big Data Takes Aim at a Big Human Problem

A scientist is part of an international team that's used new 'big data' analysis to achieve a major advance in understanding neurological disorders such as Epilepsy, Alzheimer's ... read more

Neurodegenerative Diseases Identified Using Artificial Intelligence

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence platform to detect a range of neurodegenerative disease in human brain tissue samples, including Alzheimer's disease and chronic traumatic ... read more

Can We Trust Scientific Discoveries Made Using Machine Learning?

Statisticians are cautioning fellow scientists not to make assumptions about the accuracy, uncertainty or reproducibility of scientific discoveries made with today's machine learning ... read more

Mosaic-Like Gene Deletion and Duplication Pattern Shaping the Immune System Discovered

A team of researchers has developed a computational tool for analyzing genetic changes related to the immune system. With this new development, the onset of many autoimmune diseases, such as multiple ... read more

Researchers Use 'Blacklist' Computing Concept as Novel Way to Streamline Genetic Analysis

Researchers have discovered a new use for a long-standing computational concept known as 'blacklisting.' Using blacklisting as a filter to single out genetic variations in patient genomes ... read more

Computer Hardware Designed for 3D Games Could Hold the Key to Replicating Human Brain

Researchers have created the fastest and most energy efficient simulation of part of a rat brain using off-the-shelf computer ... read more

Monitoring the Environment With Artificial Intelligence

Microorganisms perform key functions in ecosystems and their diversity reflects the health of their environment. Researchers use genomic tools to sequence the DNA of microorganisms in samples, and ... read more

New File Type Improves Genomic Data Sharing While Maintaining Participant Privacy

Based on an analysis of data leakages and opportunities to prevent the potential misuse of genetic information, researchers have developed a new file format for functional genomics data that enables ... read more

Novel Machine Learning Based Framework Could Lead to Breakthroughs in Material Design

Computers used to take up entire rooms. Today, a two-pound laptop can slide effortlessly into a backpack. But that wouldn't have been possible without the creation of new, smaller processors -- ... read more

New Algorithm Efficiently Finds Antibiotic Candidates

Researchers describe a new means of searching vast repositories of compounds produced by microbes. By analyzing the mass spectra of the compounds, they were able to identify known compounds within ... read more

Computational Imaging: Looking to Immune Cell Shapes to Predict How Well Body Will Fight Lung Cancers

Researchers have discovered how to quickly and accurately predict which lung cancer patients will benefit from chemotherapy by analyzing the arrangement -- not the number -- of cells the body sends ... read more

Why Do Some Microbes Live in Your Gut While Others Don't?

Researchers have developed a new computational approach to identify the genes that may be important to help microbes live successfully in the human ... read more

Computer Simulations Predict the Spread of HIV

In a new study, researchers show that computer simulations can accurately predict the transmission of HIV across populations, which could aid in preventing the ... read more

Computing Power Used to Track the Spread of Cancer

Researchers have developed a new computational method that increases the ability to track the spread of cancer cells from one part of the body to another. This migration of cells can lead to ... read more

New Computational Tool Predicts Progression of Metabolic Syndrome in Mice

Scientists have developed a new computational model that accurately predicts the gradual, long-term progression of metabolic syndrome in ... read more

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